Using the RACF database unload utility (IRRDBU00)

The RACF® database unload utility enables installations to create a sequential file from a RACF database. The sequential file can be used in several ways: viewed directly, used as input for installation-written programs, and manipulated with sort/merge utilities. It can also be uploaded to a database manager, such as Db2z/OS®, to process complex inquiries and create installation-tailored reports.

IRRDBU00 requires READ authority to the input RACF database if PARM=NOLOCKINPUT is specified. IRRDBU00 requires UPDATE authority to the input RACF database used only if PARM=LOCKINPUT or PARM=UNLOCKINPUT is specified.

Restriction: When you execute the IRRDBU00 utility against a database that is active on a system participating in a RACF sysplex data-sharing group, always execute IRRDBU00 from a system that participates in the RACF sysplex data-sharing group. If you do not, you might receive unpredictable results from the utility.