Creating a hiperspace

To create a hiperspace, issue the DSPSERV CREATE macro with the TYPE=HIPERSPACE parameter. MVS™ gives you contiguous 31-bit virtual storage of the size you specify and initializes the storage to hexadecimal zeroes. The entire hiperspace has the storage key that you request, or, by default, the key that matches your own PSW key. Use the HSTYPE parameter to specify whether the hiperspace is to be standard or ESO. If standard, you can use the SHARE parameter to request either a non-shared standard (SHARE=NO, the default) or a shared standard (SHARE=YES) hiperspace. If you omit both HSTYPE and SHARE, you create a non-shared standard hiperspace.

On the DSPSERV macro, you are required to specify:
  • The name of the hiperspace (NAME parameter). To ask DSPSERV to generate a hiperspace name unique to the address space, use the GENNAME parameter. DSPSERV will return the name it generates at the location you specify on the OUTNAME parameter. See Choosing the name of the hiperspace.
  • A location where DSPSERV is to return the STOKEN of the hiperspace (STOKEN parameter). DSPSERV CREATE returns a STOKEN that you can use to identify the hiperspace to other DSPSERV services and to the HSPSERV and DIV macros.
Other information you might specify on the DSPSERV macro is: