Setting up z/OSMF for the first time

For a new installation of z/OSMF, it is recommended that you begin by creating a base configuration. Here, z/OSMF operates in a minimal mode, with a UI framework and core functions, but without any of the optional plug-ins enabled. This topic describes the first-time setup tasks for creating a base configuration. Review all of the steps in this chapter before you perform the configuration.

For ServerPac installers:
  • If you select the ServerPac full system replacement installation type, a base configuration is created through a ServerPac post-installation job that uses IBM-supplied defaults. The default instance of z/OSMF does not include any of the optional plug-ins, such as Network Configuration Assistant or Incident Log. After you complete the ServerPac installation, you can add the optional plug-ins to z/OSMF.
  • If you select the ServerPac software upgrade installation type, you must create a base configuration of z/OSMF, by using the planning and configuration information in this document. After you complete this work, you can add the optional plug-ins to z/OSMF.

If you are upgrading from a previous release of z/OSMF, skip this chapter. Instead, perform the migration actions for z/OSMF, which are described in z/OS Migration.