Issuing the LOGON Command

You can issue the LOGON command with no operands. This results in the system prompting you for your user ID.

To simply request access to the system, enter:
The system might then prompt you for your user ID with the message:

You can also issue the LOGON command followed by your user ID. Separate your user ID from the command with a blank character. After you enter this command, the system might prompt you for your password.

If your user ID were YOURID, you could log on as follows:
LOGON yourid
Your installation determines what appears on your screen after you issue the LOGON command. You might see one of the following things:
  • A message or messages, prompting you for information that your installation requires, such as a procedure name, account number, or security label.
  • A READY message, indicating that the system recognized your user ID and password. The READY message indicates that you have logged on to the system and can start using TSO/E.

    If users are logged on after using the LOGON command, other things may be displayed instead of the READY message. For example, the logon procedure may automatically invoke ISPF, the Information Center Facility, or an installation-defined panel.

  • A full-screen logon panel, on which you can type required information. Your logon panel might look like the following:
    ------------------------------- TSO/E LOGON ----------------------------------
    PF1/PF13 ==> Help    PF3/PF15 ==> Logoff    PA1 ==> Attention    PA2 ==> Reshow
    You may request specific HELP information by entering a '?' in any entry field.
       USERID    ===> YOURID                          SECLABEL     ===>
       PASSWORD  ===> -                               NEW PASSWORD ===>
       PROCEDURE ===> MYPROC                          GROUP IDENT  ===>
       ACCT NMBR ===> 00123
       SIZE      ===> 5800
       PERFORM   ===>
       COMMAND   ===> EXEC (SETUP)
              -NOMAIL         -NONOTICE        -RECONNECT         -OIDCARD
Note: The SECLABEL field on the full-screen logon panel is displayed only if your installation is using security labels.

When you log on to TSO/E using the full-screen logon panel, the values shown in some of the fields, such as PROCEDURE, ACCT NMBR, and SECLABEL are the values you entered for your previous TSO/E session. You can choose a different value by typing in a new value in the field. The new value you enter is then saved and is displayed whenever you log on again until you either enter a different value or blank out the field.

The values you are required to enter on the logon panel depend on your installation. See your TSO/E administrator for logon instructions.

For more information about logon panels, see Full-Screen Logon Processing.