Metering and capping

You can enable metering and capping for a tenant.

Metering provides CPU consumption for the tenant. Capping provides the ability to cap CPU resource consumption by the tenant for all services that are deployed by the tenant. You can enable either or both.

To enable metering or capping, you use fields on the Create Tenant or Modify Tenant pages. A workload administrator must have been specified for the domain that the tenant is associated with.

For capping, you specify a CPU capping type (based on LPAR share percentage, service units, number of CPs, or MSUs) and a CPU capping limit. For details, see Create a tenant.

When metering is enabled, you can view the metered CPU use for a tenant by using the View Metered Usage action for the tenant in the tenant's table. Data for this view is retrieved from a single data server on one system in the sysplex. That data server gathers data from the RMF™ Monitor III data gatherer on each image in the sysplex. This function is called the Distributed Data Server (DDS). For more information, see the help for the Resource Monitoring task.