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sendmail to CSSMTP bridge

The sendmail to CSSMTP bridge (sendmail bridge) allows the user to send emails by using the facilities of z/OS® UNIX. The sendmail bridge command parses input command switches, reads the mail message from the UNIX System Services file, and processes the mail message. The input mail message is updated by adding SMTP commands and SMTP headers, if no headers are specified in the input mail message. The updated mail message is transmitted to the JES spool data set that the Communications Server SMTP (CSSMTP) application can process. CSSMTP must be configured and running.

Restriction: The sendmail bridge is only a mail client function.

This topic provides information about how to configure the sendmail bridge.

For more configuration information, see Sendmail to CSSMTP bridge in z/OS Communications Server: IP Configuration Reference and for sendmail bridge command information, see z/OS Communications Server: IP User's Guide and Commands.

Figure 1. sendmail to CSSMTP bridge
The sendmail bridge processes the input options (supported command line switches and configuration statements), read the mail file, and construct a CSSMTP-compatible file with SMTP commands.
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