TSO/E installation exit IKJEFF53

TSO/E provides a default exit routine, IKJEFF53, that allows you to tailor the way the CANCEL and OUTPUT commands operate. The exit routine receives control in the following circumstances:
  • A user issues the CANCEL command to cancel another user's job.
  • A user issues the OUTPUT command to process the output of another user's job.
This exit routine expects the jobname referenced to be in the format “userid + one character”.

In a multilevel-secure system, you can control access to jobs and data through the JESJOBS and JESSPOOL resource classes. The name of the job is not in the format “userid + one character”. Therefore, in a multilevel-secure system, replace the IBM-supplied default IKJEFF53 exit routine with the IKJEFF53 exit in SYS1.SAMPLIB. This non-default exit routine allows the use of the JESJOBS and JESSPOOL resource classes to control the jobname restrictions when the classes are active. The non-default exit routine also is required when only the JESSPOOL resource class is active to ensure that the jobname is in the proper format.

See z/OS TSO/E Customization for information on how to install the IKJEFF53 exit routine.