IEASYSxx (system parameter list)

You can specify system parameters using a combination of IEASYSxx parmlib members and operator responses to the SPECIFY SYSTEM PARAMETERS message. You can place system parameters in the IEASYS00 member or in one or more alternate system parameter lists (IEASYSxx) to provide a fast initialization that requires little or no operator intervention.

IEASYS00 is the most likely place to put installation defaults or parameters that will not change from IPL to IPL. The system programmer can add to or modify parameters in IEASYS00. The alternate IEASYSxx members, in contrast, should contain parameters that are subject to change, possibly from one work shift to another.

Use of the IEASYS00 or IEASYSxx members can minimize operator intervention at IPL. Because IEASYS00 is read automatically, the operator can respond to SPECIFY SYSTEM PARAMETERS with ENTER or “U” and need not enter parameters unless an error occurs and prompting ensues.

The use of system parameter lists in parmlib offers two main advantages:
  • The parameter lists shorten and simplify the IPL process by allowing the installation to preselect system parameters.
  • The parameter lists provide flexibility in the choice of system parameters.
You can do one of the following to specify a parameter list other than IEASYS00 for an IPL:
  • Have the operator specify the suffix of an alternate IEASYSxx member by replying SYSP=xx in response to the SPECIFY SYSTEM PARAMETERS message (see SYSP for more information).
  • Specify one or more suffixes of alternate IEASYSxx members on the SYSPARM parameter in the LOADxx or IEASYMxx parmlib member.

For further information about IEASYSxx parmlib members and system initialization, see Step 2. Determine where to specify system parameters.