TRACE command

Use the TRACE command to:
  • Start, stop, or modify system trace
  • Start, stop, or modify master trace
  • Start, stop, or modify component trace
  • Start, stop, or modify transaction trace
  • Display the current status of system trace, master trace, component trace, and transaction trace

During system initialization, or whenever you reactivate system trace after a system trace failure, the system creates a TRACE address space. That address space contains the system trace table. When the TRACE address space is created, the initial status of system trace (address space and explicit tracing functions) is on, the initial status of the branch tracing function of system trace is off, and the initial space set aside for system trace entries for each processor is 64K.

You can issue TRACE ST, TRACE MT, TRACE CT, and TRACE TT from any console with master authority. You can issue TRACE STATUS from any console.