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JES2 Execution Control Statements

JES2 in z/OS 2.2 includes statements for defining a concept called a job group. A job group is a set of specifications (between a JOBGROUP and ENDGROUP statement) that define the execution sequencing of a group of jobs and the jobs themselves (submitted after the job group specification).

These statements include:

Job groups also support the inclusion of comment cards (statements that start with //*) in the same manner as normal JCL does. However, job groups cannot include JECL (statements that start with /*), instream data, use of symbols, or any JCL statement not listed above.

In addition to the list of JCL statements above, a new SCHEDULE JCL statement was added in z/OS 2.2 to support associating a job with a job group. This statement is described below (including keywords not related to job group processing).

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