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Automatic approach

If you prefer to have JES2 automatically manage how JES2 members access the checkpoint, specify parameter CYCLEMGT=AUTO on MASDEF initialization statement or $T MASDEF JES2 operator command.

In automatic mode, JES2 monitors the workload on all members in JES2 MAS and adjusts the queue control parameters HOLD and DORMANCY on all members to optimize access to the JES2 checkpoint.

When in automatic mode, HOLD and DORMANCY parameters cannot be changed by operator command. But the $D MASDEF,HOLD,DORMANCY command can still be used to monitor these parameters as they are changed by JES2 to respond to the changes in the workload.

If automatic mode produces undesired results for a specific workload or in a specific JES2 MAS configuration, JES2 can be switched to the manual mode at any time using $T MASDEF,CYCLEMGT=MANUAL command.

Note: To use the automatic mode, all members in JES2 MAS must be at least at z/OS V2R2 level.
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