Learning about z/OS

z/OS® (program number 5650-ZOS) is an operating system designed to meet the on demand challenges of the e-business world. z/OS delivers the highest qualities of service for enterprise transactions and data, and extends these qualities to new applications using the latest software technologies.

Some highlights of z/OS are:
  • The 64-bit z/Architecture® implemented by z/OS eliminates bottlenecks associated with the lack of addressable memory. 64-bit real (central) storage support eliminates expanded storage, helps eliminate paging, and may allow you to consolidate your current systems into fewer logical partitions (LPARs) or to a single native image.
  • The Intelligent Resource Director (IRD) expands the capabilities of the workload manager (WLM) by enabling resources to be dynamically managed across LPARs based on workload priorities.
  • A Workload License Charges pricing model offers you flexibility in how your software product licenses are managed and charged.
  • HiperSockets™ provides high-speed, low-latency TCP/IP data communication across LPARs within the same IBM z Systems™ server. HiperSockets acts like a TCP/IP network within the server, eliminating the need to use I/O subsystem operations and the need to traverse an external network to communicate between LPARs in the same server.
  • z/OS Font Collection is a new base element for z/OS and provides all fonts that are currently marketed and serviced for the z/OS environment into one package as part of z/OS.
For more z/OS overview information, see: