SuperC reference

This topic provides information about the SuperC return codes, process options, update data set control options, and process statements.

ISPF contains two utilities, SuperC (option 3.12) and SuperCE (option 3.13), that allow you to compare data sets for differences. Also, ISPF contains two other utilities, Search-For (option 3.14) and Search-ForE (option 3.15), that allow you to search data sets for strings of data.

All four of these utilities combine two major components to do their respective functions. The first component is a dialog that provides the data entry panels, selection panels, and messages. The second component is the program module, ISRSUPC. The CPI interface is through a standard parameter list.

You can use the SuperC program without the ISPF utilities. To do this, however, your installation must customize a CLIST or REXX exec (for interactive use), or a PROCLIB procedure (for batch processing of a catalog procedure). A sample CLIST has been provided to show line command processing. A sample PROCLIB JCL catalog procedure has also been provided to show batch submission. The sample CLIST and PROCLIB JCL are located in the ISP.SISPSAMP PDS data set as members ISRSCLST and ISRSPROC, respectively.