ADR324E   (ttt)-mmmmm(yy), THE VOLUME/DATA SET SPECIFIED BY {DDNAME ddname | VOLUME volume_serial_number} HAS BECOME UNUSABLE


A RESTORE, COPY, DUMP or COPYDUMP has not completed successfully, consequently leaving the output volume or data set in questionable condition. For a COPY or RESTORE, the volume serial number defines the device that has become unusable. For a DUMP or COPYDUMP, the DD statement ddname defines the tape or DASD data set that has become unusable. The data set has become unusable because either data set control information was written to the data set and no valid data sets were copied or an error condition left the data set unusable for performing any restores from it. Other messages indicating the cause of the error precede this message.

System action

For RESTORE and COPY, the current task ends with a return code of 16, and processing continues with the next task. For DUMP and COPYDUMP, output is halted to the indicated ddname but continues for other ddnames, provided the installation-wide options exit does not force the DUMP or COPYDUMP function to end if a write error occurs on any of the output copies. If the installation-wide options exit forces such a cancellation, the task ends with a return code of 16, and processing continues with the next task.

Operator response


Programmer response

If this message is accompanied by I/O error messages, take corrective action recommended at your site for such errors and rerun the job. If the error is on the output DASD during a COPY or RESTORE, a rerun might fail during authorization checking of the volume. In this case, initialize the volume offline to clean the volume before rerunning the COPY or RESTORE.