Steps for encoding data

To encode data:
  1. Select option 5, UTILITY, on the ICSF Primary Menu panel.

    The Utilities panel appears. See Figure 1.

    Figure 1. Selecting the Encode Option on the Utilities Panel
     CSFUTL00 -------------- ICSF - Utilities ---------------------------
     OPTION ===> 1
     Enter the number of the desired option.
       1  ENCODE        -  Encode data
       2  DECODE        -  Decode data
       3  RANDOM        -  Generate a random number
       4  CHECKSUM      -  Generate a checksum and verification and
                           hash pattern
       5  PPKEYS        -  Generate master key values from a pass phrase
       6  PKDSKEYS      -  Manage keys in the PKDS 
  2. Select option 1, Encode, on this panel.

    The Encode panel appears. See Figure 2.

    Figure 2. Encode Panel
     CSFECO00 -------------- ICSF - Encode ------------------------------
     COMMAND ===>
     Enter data below:
       Clear Key       ===>  0000000000000000   Clear Key Value
       Plaintext       ===>  0000000000000000   Data to be encoded
       Ciphertext         :  0000000000000000   Output from the encode
  3. In the Clear Key field, enter the clear value of the key you want ICSF to use to encode the data.
  4. In the Plaintext field, enter the data in hexadecimal form that you want ICSF to encode.
  5. Press ENTER.

    ICSF uses the clear key and the DES algorithm to encode the data. The encoded data is displayed in the Ciphertext field.

  6. Press END to return to the Utilities panel.
  7. Press END to return to the Primary Option panel.