Using the non-XPLINK version of the Standard C++ Library and xlc

To use the non-XPLINK Standard C++ Library DLL with xlc, the exportlist attribute in the configuration file must include the c128n (instead of c128) member of the CEE.SCEELIB data set.


Due to performance differences between XPLINK and non-XPLINK linkages, it is expected that an XPLINK program using the XPLINK Standard C++ Library DLL will outperform a non-XPLINK program using the non-XPLINK Standard C++ Library DLL.

It is possible to use the non-XPLINK DLL with an XPLINK application, although this is not preferred. A call to a function of different linkage than the callee will result in a performance degradation due to the overhead cost required to swap from one stack type to the other.