DFSMS consists of one z/OS element (DFSMSdfp) and four z/OS features (DFSMSdss, DFSMShsm, DFSMSrmm, and DFSMStvs). DFSMSdfp provides storage, data, program, and device management functions. DFSMSdss is a DASD data and space management tool. DFSMShsm is a DASD storage management and productivity tool for managing low-activity and inactive data. DFSMSrmm helps you manage your removable media as one enterprise-wide library across z/OS systems that can either share DASD or have TCP/IP connectivity. DFSMStvs (Transactional VSAM Services) enables batch jobs and CICS online transactions to update shared VSAM data sets concurrently.

Order Number Title Abstract Link TOC Link PDF Link
SC23-6846-01 z/OS DFSMS Access Method Services Commands AbstractTOC PDF
SC23-6847-01 z/OS DFSMS Advanced Copy Services AbstractTOC PDF
SC23-6848-00 z/OS DFSMS DFM Guide and Reference AbstractTOC PDF
SC23-6849-00 z/OS DFSMS Implementing System-Managed Storage AbstractTOC PDF
SC23-6850-01 z/OS DFSMS Installation Exits AbstractTOC PDF
SC23-6851-00 z/OS DFSMS Introduction AbstractTOC PDF
SC23-6852-02 z/OS DFSMS Macro Instructions for Data Sets AbstractTOC PDF
SC23-6853-01 z/OS DFSMS Managing Catalogs AbstractTOC PDF
SC23-6865-00 z/OS DFSMS OAM Application Programmer's Reference AbstractTOC PDF
SC23-6866-00 z/OS DFSMS OAM Planning, Installation, and Storage Administration Guide for Object Support AbstractTOC PDF
SC23-6867-00 z/OS DFSMS OAM Planning, Installation, and Storage Administration Guide for Tape Libraries AbstractTOC PDF
SC23-6854-00 z/OS DFSMS Software Support for IBM System Storage TS1140, TS1130, and TS1120 Tape Drives (3592) AbstractTOC PDF
SC23-6855-02 z/OS DFSMS Using Data Sets AbstractTOC PDF
SC23-6858-00 z/OS DFSMS Using Magnetic Tapes AbstractTOC PDF
SC23-6856-00 z/OS DFSMS Using the Interactive Storage Management Facility AbstractTOC PDF
SC23-6857-03 z/OS DFSMS Using the New Functions AbstractTOC PDF
SC23-6859-00 z/OS DFSMS Using the Volume Mount Analyzer AbstractTOC PDF
SC23-6861-01 z/OS DFSMSdfp Advanced Services AbstractTOC PDF
SC23-6862-00 z/OS DFSMSdfp Checkpoint/Restart AbstractTOC PDF
SC23-6863-00 z/OS DFSMSdfp Diagnosis AbstractTOC PDF
SC23-6860-01 z/OS DFSMSdfp Storage Administration AbstractTOC PDF
SC23-6864-00 z/OS DFSMSdfp Utilities AbstractTOC PDF
SC23-6868-02 z/OS DFSMSdss Storage Administration AbstractTOC PDF
GC14-7504-01 z/OS DFSMShsm Data AreasNANA PDF
GC52-1387-00 z/OS DFSMShsm Diagnosis AbstractTOC PDF
SC23-6869-01 z/OS DFSMShsm Implementation and Customization Guide AbstractTOC PDF
SC23-6870-00 z/OS DFSMShsm Managing Your Own Data AbstractTOC PDF
SC23-6871-02 z/OS DFSMShsm Storage Administration AbstractTOC PDF
SC23-6872-00 z/OS DFSMSrmm Application Programming Interface AbstractTOC PDF
SC23-6876-00 z/OS DFSMSrmm Diagnosis Guide AbstractTOC PDF
SC23-6874-00 z/OS DFSMSrmm Implementation and Customization Guide AbstractTOC PDF
SC23-6873-00 z/OS DFSMSrmm Managing and Using Removable Media AbstractTOC PDF
SC23-6875-00 z/OS DFSMSrmm Reporting AbstractTOC PDF
GC52-1388-00 z/OS DFSMStvs Administration Guide AbstractTOC PDF
SC23-6877-00 z/OS DFSMStvs Planning and Operating Guide AbstractTOC PDF

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