HLASM Installation and Customization Guide
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HLASM Installation and Customization Guide

The install should be a standard rpm install, for example:
rpm -v --prefix /usr/ --install asma90-1.6.0-3.s390.rpm

The rpm package is relocatable, so the --prefix option can be used to install High Level Assembler into a different path than the default /usr path if required.

Prior to the install you can query the rpm package. Here are some examples.

  • To list the spec file:
    rpm -v --query --info --package asma90-1.6.0-3.s390.rpm
  • To list the files within the rpm package:
    rpm -v --query --list --package asma90-1.6.0-3.s390.rpm
If there are any install problems then the files can be manually extracted from the rpm package, for example:
mkdir cpio
cd cpio
rpm2cpio asma90-1.6.0-3.s390.rpm | cpio --extract --verbose --make-directories --preserve-modification-time

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