HLASM Installation and Customization Guide
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The file transfer process

HLASM Installation and Customization Guide

There are four files on the 3480 tape which should be uploaded to the host system. The four files are sequential data sets which can be copied to DASD using a utility such as IEBGENER (for z/OS), or equivalent utilities for z/VM or z/VSE. See Sample JCL for sample job control to copy the files to a z/OS system.

Once the files are on DASD, then normal ftp can be used to transfer them to the zLinux system. The type of transfer and resulting Linux file names are:
Host DSNAME Transfer Type Linux Filename
H3100300.PDF Binary h3100300.pdf
ASML1020.PDF Binary asml1020.pdf
ASMA90.RPM Binary asma90-1.6.0-3.s390.rpm

The RPM package ASMA90.RPM must be renamed during or after the file transfer so that RPM will correctly recognize the package.

The RPM package is the only file that is actually needed to be present on the zLinux system for the RPM installation to succeed. The other files can be transferred to any suitable computer platform which allows viewing of text and pdf files.

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