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Parameter definition

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Identifies the destination node. nnnn is 1 through 4 decimal numbers from 1 through 1000. For example, N0103.
Identifies the destination node. The nodename identifies an MVS™ JES2 system, an MVS JES3 system, a VSE POWER node, or a VM system. The nodename is 1 through 8 alphanumeric, national ($, #, @), or special characters specified during JES2 initialization.
Identifies a destination terminal or work station at the node. The userid must be defined at the node; userid for TSO/E is 1 through 7 alphanumeric or national ($, #, @) characters and for VM is 1 through 8 alphanumeric or national ($, #, @) characters.
Identifies a destination guest system running in a virtual machine (VM), for example, an MVS system running under VM. Do not specify a work station or terminal in this parameter.
Specifies the name (1 through 8 characters) that you use to refer to the JES2-defined destination. The name must be defined as a node and userid at the destination node.
Specifies a two-character delimiter to terminate the data being transmitted.

Code any two characters for the delimiter. If the specified delimiter contains any special characters, enclose it in apostrophes. In this case, a special character is any character that is neither alphanumeric nor national ($, #, @).

Failing to code enclosing apostrophes produces unpredictable results.

If the delimiter contains an ampersand or an apostrophe, code each ampersand or apostrophe as two consecutive ampersands or apostrophes. Each pair of consecutive ampersands or apostrophes counts as one character.

If you specify a DLM parameter, you must terminate the transmitted records with the characters in the DLM parameter. The characters you assign as delimiters override any delimiter implied by the defaults.

The characters // are not valid delimiters unless specifically indicated by DLM=//.

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