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z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Positional subparameters: The first four subparameters are positional. The last subparameter, SER or REF, is a keyword subparameter and must follow all positional subparameters. Code a comma to indicate an omitted positional subparameter as follows:
  • If you omit PRIVATE and code RETAIN, code a comma before RETAIN. For example, VOLUME=(,RETAIN,2,3,SER=(222001,222002,222003)).
  • Code a comma when RETAIN is omitted and the volume sequence number and volume count subparameters follow. For example, VOLUME=(PRIVATE,,2,3,SER=(222001,222002,222003)), and if PRIVATE is also omitted, VOLUME=(,,2,3,SER=(222001,222002,222003)).
  • Code a comma when the volume sequence number is omitted and the volume count subparameter follows. For example, VOLUME=(,RETAIN,,3,SER=(222001,222002,222003)), and VOLUME=(PRIVATE,,,3,SER=(222001,222002,222003)), and VOLUME=(,,,3,SER=(222001,222002,222003)).
  • Code a comma when the volume count is omitted, at least one other subparameter precedes it, and a keyword subparameter follows. For example, VOLUME=(,RETAIN,2,,SER=(222001,222002,222003)), and VOLUME=(,,2,,SER=(222001,222002,222003)), and VOLUME=(,RETAIN,REF=*.stepname.ddname)

Single SER subparameter: You can omit the parentheses in the SER subparameter if you code only one serial number. For example, VOLUME=SER=222001.

Special characters: When a serial number in the SER subparameter contains special characters, other than hyphens, enclose it in apostrophes. For example, VOLUME=SER=(222001,222-02,'222/03').

When the dsname in the REF subparameter contains special characters, other than the periods used in a qualified name, enclose it in apostrophes. For example, VOLUME=REF='DS/284'.

Code each apostrophe that is part of the serial number or data set name as two consecutive apostrophes. For example, VOLUME=SER='O''HARE' or VOLUME=REF='DS''371'.

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