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Line continuation

z/OS TSO/E Command Reference

A plus sign causes leading delimiters to be removed from the continuation line.
When it is necessary to continue to the next line, use a plus (+) or minus (-) sign as the last character of the line you want to continue.
list (data_set_list) /* this is a list of my -
                        active data sets */
alloc dataset(out.data) file(output) new +  
space(10,2) tracks release
Note: If you are using REXX commands and want to continue to the next line, the plus or minus sign does not work. You must use the comma.
The following example shows how to use the comma with the REXX command (PUSH), to continue to the next line. The comma must be outside the quotation marks.
/* REXX * test ACCOUNT */
x = Outtrap("var.")
x = Outtrap("OFF")
Say 'RC from account was:' rc
Do i=1 to var.0                /* loop through all messages */
  Say var.i                    /* display each message      */

To continue a line that contains a comment, use a continuation character after the comment:

allocate dataset(my.text) /* data set name */ + 
         new volume(tsomar2)

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