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Using system symbols in started task JCL

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

The general rules and recommendations for using system symbols (which are described in z/OS MVS Initialization and Tuning Reference) apply to started task JCL. The following are exceptions to those general rules and recommendations:
  • Normally, you can specify an optional period at the end of system symbols. In started task JCL, you must follow the rules for JCL symbols when placing a period at the end of system symbols. See Using symbols before fixed code for details.
  • Although dynamic system symbols are supported in started task JCL, IBM does not recommend that you code them in started task JCL. The system substitutes text for dynamic system symbols at conversion time, which means that the system could assign different substitution texts to the same dynamic system symbol within the same job.

    For example, the resolved substitution text for the &JOBNAME dynamic system symbol is the name of the job assigned to the address space in which the JCL is converted, not the name of the JCL job being processed.

For further information about specifying system symbols in started task JCL, including examples, see Using symbols in started task JCL.

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