z/OS TSO/E Command Reference
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Summary of TSO/E commands

z/OS TSO/E Command Reference

Table 1. Summary of the TSO/E commands
Command Function
ALLOCATE Dynamically allocates data sets.
ALTLIB Defines alternative application-level libraries of REXX EXECs or CLISTs.
ATTRIB Builds a list of attributes for non-VSAM data sets.
CALL Loads and executes a program.
CANCEL Ends the processing of batch jobs submitted at your terminal.
DELETE Deletes data set entries or members of a partitioned data set.
EDIT Creates, modifies, stores, submits, retrieves, and deletes data sets. See command definitions for definitions of EDIT subcommands.
EXEC Executes a CLIST or REXX exec.
EXECUTIL Changes various characteristics that control how REXX execs run in the TSO/E address space only.
FREE Releases previously allocated data sets, changes the output of a SYSOUT data set, deletes attribute lists, or changes data set disposition.
HELP Gets information about the function, syntax, and operands of commands and subcommands and information about certain messages.
LINK Invokes the linkage editor service program.
LISTALC Lists data sets that are currently allocated to the TSO/E session.
LISTBC Displays messages of general interest.
LISTCAT Lists entries from a catalog by name or entry type.
LISTDS Displays attributes of data sets.
LOADGO Loads a compiled or assembled program into real storage and begins execution.
LOGOFF Ends your terminal session.
LOGON Starts your terminal session.
MVSSERV Starts a session between an IBM® Personal Computer and a host computer running TSO/E MVS™.
OUTDES Creates or reuses dynamic output descriptors.
OUTPUT Directs output from a job to your terminal or to a specific data set; deletes the output, changes output class, routes output to a remote workstation, or releases the output for a job for printing by the subsystem.
PRINTDS Formats and prints data sets on any printer defined to JES.
PROFILE Changes or lists your user profile.
PROTECT Prevents unauthorized access to your non-VSAM data sets.
RECEIVE Retrieves transmitted files and restore them to their original format.
RENAME Changes the name of a non-VSAM cataloged data set, changes the member name of a partitioned data set, or creates an alias for a partitioned data set member.
RUN Compiles, loads, and executes the source statements in a data set.
SEND Sends a message to another terminal user or to the system operator.
SMCOPY Copies all or part of a stream or data set to another stream or data set.
SMFIND Locates a string of characters in a stream.
SMPUT Places a string of characters in a stream.
STATUS Displays the status of a job.
SUBMIT Submits one or more batch jobs for processing.
TERMINAL Lists or changes operating characteristics of your terminal.
TEST Tests a program or command processor written in Assembler language.


Displays CPU and session time, total service units used, local time of day and date.

TRANSMIT Sends information, such as a message or a copy of information in a data set, to another user in the network.
TSOEXEC Invokes an authorized command from an unauthorized environment.
TSOLIB Dynamically links to different versions of load module libraries from within a user's TSO/E session.
VLFNOTE Notifies VLF that a change has been made to a partitioned data set or a non-partitioned data set.
WHEN Tests return codes from programs invoked from an immediately preceding CALL or LOADGO command, and to take prescribed action if the return code meets a specified condition.
Note: Except for the DELETE and LISTCAT commands, TSO/E does not support generation data group (GDG) data sets.

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