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LISTCAT command

z/OS TSO/E Command Reference

Use the LISTCAT command to list entries from a catalog. The entries listed can be selected by name or entry type, and the fields to be listed for each entry can additionally be selected.

In this book, "with SMS" indicates that SMS is installed and is active.

With Storage Management Subsystem, LISTCAT also lists the following Storage Management Subsystem class names:
  • Data class contains the data set attributes related to the allocation of the data set, such as LRECL, RECFM, SPACE, and TRACKS.
  • Storage class contains performance and availability attributes related to the storage occupied by the data set.
  • Management class contains the data set attributes related to the migration and backup of the data set, such as performed by the Data Facility Hierarchical Storage Manager (DFSMShsm). A management class can be assigned only to a data set that also has a storage class assigned.

For information about these classes, see SMS classes.

The TSO/E LISTCAT command invokes the Access Method Services command of the same name. The operand descriptions that follow provide the information required to use these services for normal TSO/E operations. The TSO/E user who wants to manipulate VSAM data sets or use the other access method services from the terminal should see z/OS DFSMS Access Method Services Commands. For error message information, see the z/OS® MVS™ System Messages books listed in Related Publications.

The LISTCAT command supports unique operand abbreviations in addition to the typical abbreviations produced by truncation. The syntax and operand explanations show these unique cases.

When LISTCAT is invoked and no operands are specified, the user ID or the prefix specified by the PROFILE command becomes the highest level of entry name qualification. Only those entries associated with the user ID are listed.

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