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Continuing JES3 control statements

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Continue JES3 statements, except the command statement or //*NETACCT statement, by:
  1. Coding a comma as the last character of the first statement.
  2. Coding //* in columns 1 through 3 of the continuation statement.
  3. Resuming the code in column 4 of the continuation statement.
On the JES3 //*NET statement, each parameter must appear entirely on one statement; a subparameter cannot be continued after a comma, except for the RELEASE parameter. To continue the RELEASE parameter, end the statement with the comma following a jobname and continue the next statement with the next jobname. The left parenthesis appears at the beginning of the jobname list and the right parenthesis appears at the end of the list. For example:

If the parameters on a //*NETACCT statement cannot fit on one statement, code more than one //*NETACCT statement.

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