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SYSAFF parameter

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

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Parameter type

Keyword, optional


Indicates the JES2 members and JES3 systems that are eligible to process the job (representing system affinity). Up to 33 names can be specified on the SYSAFF parameter, limited by the number of JES2 members and JES3 systems that can exist in a JESplex.

Considerations for a JES3 environment

The following parameters must be consistent with the SYSTEM or SYSAFF parameter, or JES3 will terminate the job:
  • For the CLASS parameter on the JOB or //*MAIN statement, the requested processor must be assigned to execute jobs in the specified class.
  • All devices specified on DD statement UNIT parameters must be available to the requested processor.
  • The TYPE parameter on the //*MAIN statement must specify the system running on the requested processor.
  • Dynamic support programs requested on //*PROCESS statements must be able to be executed on the requested processor.
  • If any DD statement UNIT parameter in the job specifies a device-number, either a SYSTEM or SYSAFF parameter must be coded or the JES3 //*MAIN statement must contain a SYSTEM parameter.
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