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STORCLAS parameter

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Parameter type

Keyword, optional — this parameter is useful only with SMS-managed data sets.

Without SMS or for non-SMS-managed data sets, use the UNIT parameter (described in ) and the VOLUME parameter (described in ).


Use the STORCLAS parameter to specify a storage class for a new SMS-managed data set. The storage administrator at your installation defines the names of the storage classes you can code on the STORCLAS parameter.

The storage class contains the attributes that identify a storage service level to be used by SMS for storage of the data set. It replaces the storage attributes that are specified on the UNIT and VOLUME parameters for non-SMS-managed data sets.

An SMS-managed data set is defined as a data set that has a storage class assigned. A storage class is assigned when either (1) you specify the STORCLAS parameter or (2) an installation-written automatic class selection (ACS) routine selects a storage class for a new data set.

If SMS is not installed or is not active, the system syntax checks and then ignores the STORCLAS parameter.

SMS ignores the STORCLAS parameter if you specify it for an existing data set.

The use of a storage class can be protected by RACF®.


See z/OS DFSMS Using the Interactive Storage Management Facility for information on how to use ISMF to view your installation-defined storage classes.

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