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SECMODEL parameter

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Parameter type: Keyword, optional — use this parameter only with SMS

Without SMS, use the DD PROTECT parameter described in .

Purpose: Use the SECMODEL parameter to specify the name of an existing RACF® data set profile that is copied to the discrete data set profile that RACF builds for the new data set.

The following information from the RACF data set profile, which RACF uses to control access to the data set, is copied to the discrete data set profile of the new data set:
  • OWNER - indicates the user or group assigned as the owner of the data set profile.
  • ID - indicates the access list of users or groups authorized to access the data set.
  • UACC - indicates the universal access authority associated with the data set.
  • AUDIT/GLOBALAUDIT - indicates which access attempts are logged.
  • ERASE - indicates that the data set is to be erased when it is deleted (scratched).
  • LEVEL - indicates the installation-defined level indicator.
  • DATA - indicates installation-defined information.
  • WARNING - indicates that an unauthorized access causes RACF to issue a warning message but allow access to the data set.
  • SECLEVEL - indicates the name of an installation-defined security level.

Use the SECMODEL parameter (1) when you want a different RACF data set profile than the default profile selected by RACF or (2) when there is no default profile.

If SMS is not installed or is not active, the system syntax checks and then ignores the SECMODEL parameter.

References: For information about RACF, see z/OS Security Server RACF Command Language Reference.

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