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SCHENV parameter

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Parameter type

Keyword, optional


Use the SCHENV parameter to specify the name of the Workload Manager (WLM) scheduling environment to associate with this job. A scheduling environment is a list of resources and their required settings. By associating a scheduling environment name with a job, you ensure that the job will be scheduled for execution only on a system that satisfies those resource state requirements. Note, however, that the job will go through JCL conversion prior to being held. If the JCL of the job refers to a subsystem (DD SUBSYS=), then TYPRUN=JCLHOLD is the only way to ensure that the required subsystem is actually up and functioning at JCL conversion-time.


For more information about WLM scheduling environments, see z/OS MVS Planning: Workload Management.

Note: Do not specify the SCHENV parameter for a started task; the job will fail.

Considerations for an APPC scheduling environment

The SCHENV parameter has no function in an APPC scheduling environment. If you code SCHENV, the system will check it for syntax and ignore it.

Considerations for a JES2 environment

You can provide a SCHENV default in a JES2 environment via a JOBCLASS(c) specification.

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