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RETAINS and RETAINF parameters

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Parameter type: Keyword, optional

Purpose: RETAINS specifies the amount of time to retain a successfully transmitted data set. RETAINF specifies the amount of time to retain a data set that failed to be transmitted. Each of these keywords consists of a numeric value indicating hours, minutes, and seconds.

These parameters apply only to data sets processed by a functional subsystem that can perform Internet Protocol (IP) transmission. JES does not use the RETAINS or RETAINF parameters, but passes them to the functional subsystem during data set selection.

Use RETAINS= when the functional subsystem has successfully transmitted the data set. Use RETAINF= when the functional subsystem employing the IP routing has not successfully transmitted the data set, despite performing all the indicated retries through any RETRY parameters specified. You have the option of manipulating the data set through the facilities provided by the functional subsystem before that subsystem releases the data set to JES. See the documentation for the particular subsystem for additional information.

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