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Relationship to other control statements

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Concatenating job libraries: To specify more than one private library for a job:
  • Code a JOBLIB DD statement.
  • Immediately follow this statement with DD statements that define other private libraries. Omit a ddname from these subsequent DD statements.

The system searches the libraries for the program in the same order as the DD statements.

Overriding a JOBLIB: If you want the system to ignore the JOBLIB for a particular job step and the step does not require another private library, define the system library on a STEPLIB DD statement. For example, specify:

For this particular job step, the system will search SYS1.LINKLIB, as specified on the STEPLIB DD statement, for the program requested in the EXEC statement. The system will not search the JOBLIB.

EXEC statement COND parameter: If COND=ONLY is specified on the EXEC statement of a job step and a JOBLIB DD statement is being used, the system does not pass the unit and volume information to any succeeding steps, and the system must search the catalog for the JOBLIB data set’s unit and volume information.

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