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OUTPUT parameter

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Parameter type

Keyword, optional


Use the OUTPUT parameter with the SYSOUT parameter to associate a sysout data set explicitly with an OUTPUT JCL statement. JES processes the sysout data set using the options from this DD statement combined with the options from the referenced OUTPUT JCL statement.

When the OUTPUT parameter references more than one OUTPUT JCL statement, the system produces separate output for each OUTPUT JCL statement.

Note: Code the OUTPUT parameter only on a DD statement with either a SYSOUT or SUBSYS parameter. If you code the OUTPUT parameter without SYSOUT, the system checks the OUTPUT parameter for syntax and ignores it, unless you also code the SUBSYS parameter. If you code the SUBSYS parameter, the system passes the OUTPUT parameter to the subsystem identified in the SUBSYS parameter. The subsystem might support the OUTPUT parameter or might ignore it. The Infoprint Server subsystem, for example, uses the OUTPUT parameter to process a sysout data set. For more information about the Infoprint Server subsystem, refer to z/OS Infoprint Server User's Guide.

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