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MSGLEVEL parameter

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Parameter type

Keyword, optional


Use the MSGLEVEL parameter to control the listing of the JCL output for the job. You can request that the system print the following:
  • The JOB statement and all comments and JECL statements up to the first EXEC statement.
  • All job control statements in the input stream, that is, all JCL statements and JES2 or JES3 statements.
  • In-stream and cataloged procedure statements for any procedure a job step calls.
  • Messages about job control statements.
  • JES and operator messages about the job’s processing: allocation of devices and volumes, execution and termination of job steps and the job, and disposition of data sets.

Considerations for an APPC scheduling environment

For information about using the MSGLEVEL parameter in a TP message log definition, see z/OS MVS Planning: APPC/MVS Management.

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