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MSGCLASS parameter

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Parameter type

Keyword, optional


Use the MSGCLASS parameter to assign the job log to an output class. The job log is a record of job-related information for the programmer. Depending on the JOB statement MSGLEVEL parameter, the job log can consist of:
  • Only the JOB statement.
  • All job control statements.
  • In-stream and cataloged procedure statements.
  • Job control statement messages.
  • JES and operator messages about the job.
Note: In a JES3 environment, a job can complete processing before all of its messages have been written to the job log. When this occurs, the job's output is incomplete. For this reason, do not use the contents of the job log as an automation or as a programming interface.

Considerations for an APPC scheduling environment

The MSGCLASS parameter has no function in an APPC scheduling environment. If you code MSGCLASS, the system will check it for syntax and ignore it.

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