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JESDS parameter

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Parameter type

Keyword, optional


Use the JESDS parameter to process the job’s system-managed data sets according to the parameters on this OUTPUT JCL statement. The system-managed data sets consist of:
  • The job log, which is a record of job-related information for the programmer. Printing of the job log is controlled by two JOB statement parameters: the MSGLEVEL parameter controls what is printed and the MSGCLASS parameter controls the system output class.
  • The job’s hard-copy log, which is a record of all message traffic for the job to and from the operator console.
  • System messages for the job.
Note: In a JES3 environment, a job can complete processing before all of its messages have been written to the job log. When this occurs, the job's output is incomplete. For this reason, do not use the contents of the job log as an automation or as a programming interface.


For more information on the job log, see z/OS MVS System Commands.

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