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HOLD parameter

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Parameter type

Keyword, optional


Use the HOLD parameter to tell the system to hold a sysout data set until it is released by the system operator. When the data set is ready for processing, notify the system operator to release it via a TSO/E NOTIFY parameter, a JES2 /*MESSAGE statement, or a JES3 //*OPERATOR statement.

A TSO/E user can specify HOLD=YES to retrieve a sysout data set and display it on a terminal. For JES3, the TSO/E user can process only work on the hold queue.
  1. HOLD is supported only for sysout data sets. If HOLD appears on a DD statement that does not contain a SYSOUT parameter, it is ignored.
  2. HOLD allows the sysout data set to be the internal reader. If the sysout data set is the internal reader, the job being submitted will be held.
  3. In a JES2 system, SYSOUT held by specifying HOLD=YES may be selected via a SAPI (Sysout Application Process Interface) application. JES3 systems are not allowed to select the held SYSOUT via SAPI until the hold is released via operator command.

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