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FORMDEF parameter

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Parameter type

Keyword, optional


Use the FORMDEF parameter to identify a library member that contains statements to tell the Print Services Facility™ (PSF) how to print the sysout data set on a page-mode printer (such as the 3800 Printing Subsystem Model 3). The statements can specify the following:
  • Overlay forms to be used during printing.
  • Location on the page where overlays are to be placed.
  • Suppressions that can be activated for specified page formats.

The member must be in the library named in the cataloged procedure that was used to initialize PSF, or in a library specified in the USERLIB parameter.

Note: FORMDEF applies only for data sets printed on a PSF-managed AFP printer.


For more information, see PSF for z/OS: User's Guide.

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