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Examples of the XMIT statement

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Example 1
//JOBA  JOB  ...
         records to be transmitted

JES2 transmits to the node ATLANTA all records following the /*XMIT statement up to the specified delimiter, AA.

Example 2
//JOBX  JOB  ...
//JOBB  JOB  ...
         job to be transmitted

JES2 transmits the JOBB job stream to the VM guest system, MVS223, running on node VMSYS1, which is a VM system. The job stream will be executed by the MVS223 system.

The information specified on the JOBX statement is processed on the submitting system and transmitted in the networking headers to the target system. The target system, if it is a JES2 node, uses the default routing in the network job header unless it is specifically overridden in the JCL for the transmitted job.

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