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Examples of the /*JOBPARM statement

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

/*JOBPARM  L=60,R=4222,T=50,P=PROC03,N=5
The two statements specify the same parameters and values. The parameter specifications mean the following:
LINES=60 or L=60
The job’s estimated output will be 60,000 lines.
ROOM=4222 or R=4222
The programmer’s room is 4222. JES2 places this information in the separators for both printed and punched data sets.
TIME=50 or T=50
The job’s estimated execution time is 50 minutes.
The procedure library that JES2 is to use to convert the JCL for this job is PROC03.
COPIES=5 or N=5
The estimated 60,000 lines of output will be printed five times.

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