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DSNTYPE parameter

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Parameter Type

Keyword, optional


Use the DSNTYPE parameter to specify:
  • A new partitioned data set (PDS)
  • A new partitioned data set extended (PDSE), which is also called a library, and an optional version level for the new PDSE
  • A new hierarchical file system (HFS) data set
  • A first-in first-out (FIFO) special file, which is also called a named pipe
  • A new basic format data set
  • A new large format data set
  • Start of change A new extended format data set and an optional version level for the new sequential data set. End of change

Also use the DSNTYPE parameter to override the DSNTYPE attribute defined in the data class of the new data set.

Serialization of the data set can exist at both the data set (library) level and the member level. If you specify DISP=SHR on the DD statement for a PDSE, sharing of the data set applies to the data set and the individual member specified. Multiple jobs can access different members of the data set and create new members of the data set concurrently. However, concurrent update access to a specific member (or update and read by other jobs) is not allowed. Dispositions of DISP=OLD, NEW, or MOD result in exclusive use of the entire data set. A PDSE can be created through the BPAM, BSAM, and QSAM access methods.

If SMS is not active, the system checks the syntax and then ignores the DSNTYPE parameter.

An HFS data set is a data set used by z/OS UNIX System Services (z/OS UNIX) programs. It contains a mountable file system. It is a partitioned format data set, similar to a PDSE.

A FIFO special file is a type of file with the property that data written to such a file is read on a first-in-first-out basis. A FIFO special file defined in a DD statement provides a connection filled with data among programs. One or more programs can write data into the file; one or more programs can read the data.


For information on partitioned data sets and PDSEs, see z/OS DFSMS Using Data Sets. For information on HFS data sets and FIFO special files, see z/OS UNIX System Services Planning and the z/OS UNIX System Services User's Guide.

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