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DATACK parameter

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Parameter type

Keyword, optional


Use the DATACK parameter to indicate whether or not print-positioning and invalid-character data-check errors are to be blocked or unblocked for printers accessed through the Print Services Facility™ (PSF) functional subsystem.

A print-positioning error occurs when the designated position of any kind of printable information is beyond the limits of either the physical page, or the overlay or logical page of which it is part.

An invalid-character data-check error occurs when the hexadecimal representation of a text character has no mapping in the code page to a member of the font raster patterns.

If an error type is unblocked, the printer reports the error at the end of the page in which it occurs, and PSF processes the error and generates an error message. (See the PIMSG parameter for more information on the printing of error messages.)

If an error type is blocked, the printer does not report the error to PSF. Printing continues but data may be lost on the output.


For more information on data-check errors and their processing through PSF, see PSF for z/OS: Customization or PSF for z/OS: User's Guide.

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