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DATA parameter

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Parameter type

Positional, optional


Use the DATA parameter to begin an in-stream data set that may contain statements with // in columns 1 and 2. The data records immediately follow the DD DATA statement; the records may be in any code, such as EBCDIC. The data records end when:
  • An EBCDIC /* or the two-character delimiter specified by a DLM parameter on this DD statement is found in the input stream, or
  • The input stream runs out of Start of change records End of change.

Note that, unlike a DD * statement, the data is not ended by the // that indicates another JCL statement.

Considerations for an APPC scheduling environment

The DATA parameter has no function in an APPC scheduling environment. If you code DATA, the system will check it for syntax and ignore it.

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