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BLKSZLIM parameter

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Keyword, optional


Use the BLKSZLIM parameter to specify an upper limit on a data set's block size if BLKSIZE is omitted from all sources and the system determines the block size for the data set. If a BLKSIZE value is available from any source (such as the DD statement, data set label, or the program), then the block size limit has no effect. The BLKSZLIM parameter is useful mainly when writing new magnetic tape data sets with programs that can handle blocks longer than 32,760 bytes. Currently the maximum block size supported on any tape is 256 KB. You can safely code a larger value for BLKSZLIM. The BLKSZLIM value does not have to be a multiple of the LRECL value. For more information, see z/OS DFSMS Using Data Sets.

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