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AFPSTATS parameter

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Parameter type

Keyword, optional


Use the AFPSTATS keyword on the OUTPUT statement to indicate to the Print Services Facility™ (PSF) that an AFP Statistics (AFPSTATS) report is to be generated while printing this sysout data set. The AFPSTATS report can provide sysout data set processing detail for:
  • Determining in which resource libraries PSF found particular resources.
  • Diagnosing some resource selection problems.
  • Obtaining statistical data about the printing of a sysout data set. These statistics may contain some inaccuracies caused by error recovery and repositioning within the sysout data set that make them unsuitable for accounting purposes.
  • Diagnosing some sysout data set printing performance situations.

References: For more information, see PSF for z/OS: User's Guide and PSF for z/OS: Customization.

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