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ACCODE parameter

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Parameter Type

Keyword, optional


Use the ACCODE parameter to specify or change an accessibility code for an ISO/ANSI/FIPS Version 3 or ISO/ANSI Version 4 tape output data set. An installation-written file-access exit routine verifies the code after the code is written to tape. If the code is authorized, the job step’s program can use the data set; if not, the system issues messages and may abnormally terminate the job step.

A data set protected by an accessibility code should reside only on a volume protected by RACF® or a volume accessibility code. The volume should not contain any unprotected data sets.

Note: ACCODE is supported only for ISO/ANSI/FIPS Version 3 and ISO/ANSI Version 4 tape data sets. ACCODE is ignored for all label types except AL and AUL label tapes.


For more information on ISO/ANSI/FIPS Version 3 and ISO/ANSI Version 4 tape data sets, see z/OS DFSMS Using Magnetic Tapes. Also z/OS DFSMS Access Method Services Commands.

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