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Subparameter definition

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Specifies up to 33 1-4 character valid JES2 member names and 8-character JES3 system names. A of value of * (asterisk character) indicates the system that submitted the job. A - (minus character) preceding a member or system name indicates the JES2 member or JES3 system is not eligible for processing the job. A - (minus character) preceding the first member or system name in a list indicates that none of members or systems in the list are eligible for processing the job.
Indicates any system that satisfies the job's requirements.
Specifies, after any other SYSAFF parameters, for JES2 to use system scheduling in independent mode. If IND is specified, the subparameters must be enclosed in parentheses characters. The IND value must be included with at least one JES2 member name or a JCL error will result. JES3 ignores the IND value if it is not a valid JES3 system name.

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