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Relationship to other parameters

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Do not code the following DD parameters with the SYSOUT parameter.

Ignored Parameters: Because JES allocates sysout data sets, the UNIT and SPACE parameters are ignored, if coded on a sysout DD statement.

Parameters on Procedure DD Statements that are Overridden: When an overriding DD statement contains a SYSOUT parameter, the system ignores a UNIT parameter on the overridden DD statement in the cataloged or in-stream procedure.

Naming a Sysout Data Set: Code the DSNAME parameter with the SYSOUT parameter if you wish to assign the last qualifier of the system-generated name to a sysout data set.

SYSOUT and DEST Subparameters: Do not code the SYSOUT writer-name subparameter when coding a DEST userid subparameter. These subparameters are mutually exclusive. You can code:
   //VALID1  DD  SYSOUT=D,DEST=(node,userid)
   //VALID2  DD  SYSOUT=(D,writer-name),DEST=(node)

With DCB Subparameters: JES2 ignores DCB=PRTSP=2 on a DD statement that also contains a SYSOUT parameter.

For JES, it is not necessary to select a specific BLKSIZE on the DCB parameter for performance reasons because the subsystem selects its own blocking.

INTRDR with OUTPUT Parameter: Do not code an OUTPUT parameter when the writer-name subparameter is INTRDR.

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