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Relationship to other parameters

z/OS MVS JCL Reference

Do not code the following DD parameters with the SUBSYS parameter:

The specified subsystem can define other parameters that you must not code with the SUBSYS parameter:

Ignored but permitted DD parameters: If you specify any of the following DD parameters, the system checks them for syntax and then ignores them:

If you specify the SPACE parameter, the system checks its syntax and then ignores it, but the subsystem designated on the SUBSYS parameter may use this information when it allocates the DD.

DISP parameter: The system checks the DISP status subparameter for syntax, but always indicates a status of MOD to the subsystem. If the DISP normal or abnormal termination subparameter is CATLG or UNCATLG, the system allocates the appropriate catalog to the subsystem.

DUMMY parameter: If DUMMY is specified with SUBSYS, the subsystem checks the syntax of the subsystem subparameters. If they are acceptable, the system treats the data set as a dummy data set.

When this statement overrides a procedure statement: If SUBSYS appears on a DD statement that overrides a DD statement in a cataloged or in-stream procedure, the following occurs:
  • The system ignores a UNIT parameter, if specified, on the overridden DD statement.
  • The system nullifies a DUMMY parameter, if specified, on the overridden DD statement.

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