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z/OS MVS JCL Reference

  1. In this example, the symbol parameters COUNTY, TOWN and STATE are set by the SET statement. The EXPORT statement indicates that the symbolic parameters COUNTY and STATE are to be made available to the MYPROG program that is executed in STEP1:
  2. Exported symbolic parameters are resolved to the most recent value to which they are set. In the following example, MYPROG1 in STEP1 will receive an exported value of SYMVAL1 for SYM1. Subsequently, the program MYPROG1 in STEP2 will receive an exported value of NEWSYMVAL for SYM1. In STEP3, the exported value for SYM3 will be null, because its value was not set prior to MYPROG1 executing in STEP3. In STEP4 and STEP5, MYPROG1 will receive the exported value of SYMVAL3 for SYM3.

    The value of SYMVAL2, for symbol SYM2, is made available to all of the job steps following the export statement labeled MYEXPR1. The value of SYMVAL1, for symbol SYM1, is made available to STEP1. The updated value of NEWSYMVAL, for symbol SYM1, is made available to STEP2 and the remaining job steps:

    //MYEXPR1 EXPORT SYMLIST=(SYM1,SYM2)          
    //        SET    SYM1=SYMVAL1,SYM2=SYMVAL2    
    //STEP1   EXEC   PGM=MYPROG1                  
    //STEP2   EXEC   PGM=MYPROG1                  
    //        SET    SYM1=NEWSYMVAL               
    //MYEXPR2 EXPORT SYMLIST=SYM3                 
    //STEP3   EXEC   PGM=MYPROG1                  
    //STEP4   EXEC   PGM=MYPROG1                  
    //        SET    SYM3=SYMVAL3                 
    //STEP5   EXEC   PGM=MYPROG1          

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